How to fray ribbon

frayed ribbon

Here’s how to fray an even weave ribbon. This works really well with the Striped Grosgrain ribbon, giving it a whole new look.

frayed ribbon - step 1 1. Using a very sharp pair of scissors (our Paper Snips are ideal) trim just inside the edge of the ribbon.



frayed ribbon - step 22. Using the point of the scissors or a needle, tease out a few strands of the ribbon and pull them completely away down the length of the ribbon.


frayed ribbon - step 33. Repeat, pulling off just a few strands at a time until the fray is as deep as you want it. If you try to pull too many threads in one go then you risk snagging the ribbon. Repeat on the other side of the ribbon if desired.

frayed ribbon - step 44. Repeat the fraying at the end of the ribbon if desired.

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