We’re off to Convention

Yay! The day’s arrived and finally we’re off to convention.

I’m just waiting for two of my friends to arrive and then DH will drive us to the airport to meet up with the fourth one of our merry little band. (Poor DH gets to play taxi driver and then stay home to look after the dog – aaah).

My card candy is all done and bagged – all 32 packs – that adds up to 192 individual pieces of candy (meant to take pix but they’re all packed now so I guess I’ll have to do that at the other end). The general swaps aren’t quite finished Surprisedbut 36 of them only need dimensionals adding, so I’ll get those done at the airport/on the plane and then I’ve got another bunch of pieces etc. cut and will finish as many others as I can, at the hotel.

If I can get internet access then I’ll try to keep you updated as we go along.

Bye for now

Sara xx

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One response to “We’re off to Convention

  1. Have a fantastic time Sara! xxxx

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