Some mini 3d swaps

Luggage allowance comes into play a little when you’re swapping at convention in another country (won’t be an issue next year when we’re at Manchester, woohoo Laughing). I did manage to get a few 3d swaps small enough to fit in my bag though.

This little cutlery set is dinky – the reindeer is less than 1.5″ high Laughing

The lady that made these flowers is an absolute whizz with turning punch art into something extra special, I had such a hard time choosing which of her creations to take for my swap.

This card …

… opens up to this:

This little square …

… opens up to this:

(I’ve actually been demonstrating this cute ornament at my workshops recently so if you’d like to know how to make it then why not book a workshop of your own with me?).

And finally this teeny tiny box (only about 1″ high) …

… opens up like a jack-in-a-box.

So cute!

Wasn’t I lucky in my swapping.

Sara xx

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2 responses to “Some mini 3d swaps

  1. The little book that opens up into a 3D star would be a great Girl Scout project for my troop. Is it possible to get the directions. We are planning a winter camping weekend, this would be fun to do.

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