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Spring card cutting and scoring template

spring card template

Yesterday I shared a Spring Card design and promised to be back with the cutting and scoring template, so here it is.

The base card is 10″ x 5″. Mark (lightly in pencil) at 2.5″, 5″ and 7.5″ along each long edge and at 2.5″ along the top. Score and cut as shown.






spring card - first folds


Fold the horizontal score lines in opposite directions. (Here the cut and scored card has been turned sideways).


spring card - diagonal folds


Fold along each diagonal fold.




spring card - final folds


Push the middle fold back toward the centre, creating the diamond shape at one side and the rectangle on the other.


spring card adhesive


Apply adhesive to the centre triangle as shown and adhere to the rectangular base.

Decorate as preferred.





Here’s the finished card from yesterday.

spring card complete

Don’t forget that I’ll be drawing for the blog candy at 9pm tonight. I’ll announce the winner tomorrow, so be sure to stop by to see whether it’s you!

Sara xx