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Tutorial – create an easter basket

This Easter Basket is easily resized to hold more chocolate – just divide the length of the sides by 3, to work out the placement of the score lines.

For this dinky version I’ve started with a 4.5″ square of Daffodil Delight card.

easter basket step 1

Step 1 – Score at 1.5″ on all four sides. Optional – round the corners with the corner rounder punch.




easter basket step 2Step 2 – Cut along the score lines, top and bottom, as far as the intersecting score line (if you fold the centre sections in then you can see the “H” shape that this creates). Burnish all folds with a bone folder.


easter basket step 3Step 3 (optional) – if you wish to stamp the ends of the basket then flip the card square over (to the right side) and around so that all folds are mountain folds and you now get an “I” shape. Stamp your image in the uncut centre squares with the top of your image to the outside of the square and the bottom positioned to the centre. This is the point at which to sponge the edges of your basket if desired.

easter basket step 4 Step 4 – Working on the reverse side (back to a valley fold, “H” shape), apply your preferred adhesive to the centre bottom corners of the two outside squares. (I prefer to use a liquid glue as it allows you to slide the basket sides into place).


easter basket step 5

Step 5 – Adhere the sides over the centre square so that they just cover the top of that square and create a small “v” where they meet. Repeat on the opposite side.



easter basket step 6

Step 6 – Punch a strip of card (1-1/4″ wide) with the Lace Ribbon Border. Use a strip 11-/14″ long for a long handle or 9-1/2″ long for a standard handle.



easter basket step 7

Step 7 – Curl the punched strip over a bone folder. This gives it a natural curve and helps prevent the handle from creasing when the basket is assembled.



easter basket 8

Step 8 – apply adhesive to the bottom flower on the outside of the strip and adhered to the inside of the basket base.



easter basket step 9

Step 9 – repeat with the other end of the handle, adhering to the opposite side of the basket base. Finish by decorating your basket as wished.



Here’s the decorated basket I shared yesterday, along with the full recipe.

easter basket fully loaded


Tutorial – create a punch art cat

You’ll need a few punches for this little cat, but he’s easy to put together.

Punches used:

  • 1-3/8″ Circle
  • 1″ Circle
  • 1/2″ Circle
  • 5-Petal Flower
  • Owl Builder

cat stage 1

1. From Soft Suede card, punch:

  • 1 x 1-3/8″ Circle (cat’s body)
  • 1 x 1/2″ Circle and cut it in two (cat’s paws)
  • 1 x 5-Petal Flower, trim off and retain two of the petals (cat’s outer ears)




cat stage 2

2. Reinsert the card used to punch the 1-3/8″ Circle back into the same punch and punch out a crescent sliver of card for the cat’s tail.






cat stage 3

3. From Very Vanilla card, punch:

  • 1 x 1″ Circle (cat’s tummy)
  • 1 x 1/2″ Circle (cat’s face)






cat stage 44. From Pink Pirouette card, punch:

  • 1 x Owl’s heart (cat’s nose)
  • 1 x 5-Petal Flower, trim off and retain two of the petals (cat’s inner ears)





cat stage 55. From Whisper White card, punch:

  • 2 x Owl’s middle size eyes (cat’s eyes)

From Basic Black card, punch:

  • 2 x Owl’s smallest size eyes (cat’s eyes)




cat stage 6

6. Adhere:

  • the inner ears to the outer ears
  • the nose to the face
  • the tummy to the body
  • the smallest eyes to the middle eyes





cat stage 77. Adhere:

  • the tail behind the base of the body
  • the ears behind the top of the body
  • the face to the top of the tummy
  • the paws to the base of the tummy
  • the eyes above the tummy




cat stage 88. Use an Early Espresso marker to draw :

  • claws on the paws
  • a mouth below the nose
  • whiskers





Tutorial – create a paper honeycomb bauble

This paper bauble is simple to put together and no mess – so it’s a perfect project for the kids, if you need to keep them occupied (it also works pretty well at keeping the adults quiet – I gave this one to DH to do Wink).

honeycomb bauble step 11. Punch 18 ornaments from DSP and score each one down the centre from top to bottom.






honeycomb bauble step 2


2. Apply glue dots at points A and B on each bauble and close in half.






honeycomb bauble step 3

3. Apply glue dots at point C on each bauble and stack them together, one on top of the other, ensuring that the top-most bauble also has one.






honeycomb bauble step 44. Apply Sticky Strip along the spine of the folded baubles. Tie a knot in the ribbon and adhere the “tails” of it to the Sticky Strip. Fold the baubles round to meet each other and adhere the final glue dot in place.





And here’s the finished bauble.

honeycomb bauble

Tutorial – create a flat bottomed box with the petal cone die

I shared the recipe for the decorated box here and now here’s the tutorial showing how to create a flat-bottomed box from the petal cone die.

petal cone die box - step 11. Die cut two of the petal cone pieces from your chosen card using the Big Shot and the Crease Pad.






petal cone die box - step 22. Fold each die cut piece in half, line up the score line at the base of the semi-circle with the 3″ mark on the paper cutter and trim off the point of the cone using the orange cutting blade.





petal cone die box - step 33. Line up the score line at the base of the semi-circle with the 2″ mark on the paper cutter and score using the black scoring blade.






petal cone die box - step 4

4. Open out each cut and scored piece. Cut along the vertical centre scoreline from the base as far as the intersecting horizontal scoreline. Trim off the tabbed fold at the base (as on the right hand side in this picture). Repeat with the other piece. Decorate as preferred.




petal cone die box - step 55. Using Sticky Strip or Multipurpose Liquid Glue, adhere the tab of one piece to the main side of the other piece. Fold the two outer sides into the centre (right side out) to adhere the box together fully.





petal cone die box - step 66. Using your preferred adhesive, apply it to the outside outer edge of one of the base flaps, fold in to the centre and press the opposite flap down on top of it (this ensures that no adhesive is exposed on the inside of your box base). Apply adhesive to the inside outer edges of the two remaining base flaps and fold them into the centre. Fold the petals of the box lid together, overlapping them to secure. Finish decorating your box as preferred.


petal cone die box - completed

Turn your owl into Dracula for Halloween

To turn your owl into Dracula (or a plain old bat) for Halloween you’ll need the 1-3/4″ Circle and Scallop Circle punches (or similar).

Dracula owl step 11. Punch owl body and large eyes from Basic Black card. Punch bib (this is optional – leave off for more of a bat look) and medium eyes from Whisper White card. Adhere the layers direct and draw highlights on the eyes with the White Signo Gel pen.

Dracula owl step 22. Punch a little over a half a Scallop Circle from Basic Black card, leaving space all around it.



Dracula owl step 33. Insert the punched card into the 1-3/4″ Circle punch to form a crescent shape and punch again.



Dracula owl step 44. Repeat to create another bat wing.




Dracula owl step 55. Adhere the wings behind the owl.




Dracula owl step 66. Optional – trim off the feet to create more of a feel of flight.






Tutorial – jubbly a.k.a. sour cream container

Yesterday I shared a Halloween jubbly. Today I’m back with the tutorial to show how to make it.

1.  Start with a rectangle of paper (here I’ve used 4-1/4″ x 5-1/2″).

jubbly stage 12. Working on the back (wrong side of the paper), apply Sticky Strip (leaving the backing on at this stage) to one of the short edges (A) and from one of the ends to half way across the long edge (B). Apply a piece of Sticky Strip the same length as (B) to the centre of the opposite long edge (C).

jubbly stage 23. Remove the Sticky Strip backing from A only at this stage. Roll the paper over and adhere the short ends together along A to form a tube.



jubbly stage 34. Remove the  Sticky Strip backing from B and press the ends together so that the Sticky Strip lines up against plain DSP (rather than more Sticky Strip).



jubbly stage 45. Insert the sealed end of the jubbly into the Crimper and turn the handle (just a short way in, say 2-3 lines).




jubbly stage 56. Add your treat, taking care not to overfill (there needs to be room to seal the package). Reach in and remove the Sticky Strip backing at C. Press together along C, again ensuring that the Sticky Strip lines up against plain DSP (rather than more Sticky Strip), this should be at right angles to the original crimped seal. Crimp this end as before (just a short way in or it squashes the contents).

Turn your owl into a penguin for xmas

If you’ve got the Stampin’ Up! owl punch then with just a pair of scissors you can easily transform your owl into a penguin to use on your Christmas projects.

penguin step 1

1. Punch your owl from Basic Black cardstock and trim off the feet and ears. (Tip: when trimming off the ears I work from the top of the head, down the side to get a smoother line).

penguin step 2

2. Punch the “waistcoat” from Whisper White card and adhere to the body. Punch the feet and heart from Pumpkin Pie card. (Tip: just punch from a small strip of Pumpkin Pie to save on card – you don’t need the whole body).

penguin step 3

3. Adhere the feet behind the body. Adhere the heart onto the notch at the top of the waistcoat.

penguin step 4



4. Punch the large eyes from Whisper White card, the medium eyes from Basic Black and adhere, lined up with the curves on top of the waistcoat. Add the smallest eyes from Whisper White card or draw on highlights with a White Gel pen.

3d scrunched flower tutorial

3d flower

When I shared this card a few days ago I promised that I’d provide a tutorial on making the flower and so here it is. This is another project that’s great for using up scraps of card and DSP and can be used with any flower/scallop circle style punch. Bear in mind though that these flowers really are 3d and are best presented boxed or in a bagalope or similar as a normal envelope would squish the flower.

double punched flowers1. Punch out a selection of flowers. I recommend 9 or 10 in total. If using all card then you can use a few less, if using all DSP then you may need a few more to get the flowers to “bunch” to the right depth. These flowers were double punched following my tip here, giving a more crinkly edge to the flowers and making them more carnation like. I used (left to right) Springtime Vintage DSP, Very Vanilla, Pink Pirouette and then for the base petals, Rose Red. The darker colour on the bottom helps give definition and “pop” to the flower.

crumpled flower layers2. Crumple all the flower layers by scrunching them up in your hand and then unfolding them again. I usually spritz them with water to make the crumpling easier. (For the birthday card I spritzed with a mixture of rubbing alcohol and Champagne Gold shimmer paint to give a subtle sheen to all the flower layers).



Pierce and secure the flower layers3. Pile all the flower layers together, alternating the colours, pierce a hole through the centre (with Paper Piercing Tool or Crop-a-dile) and secure with a brad. The colour of the brad isn’t important as it will be covered by all the scrunched layers.




scrunching the layers4. Working from the top, down through the layers, scrunch up each flower into the centre and scrunch the next layer tightly around it. Carry on working down until the bottom darker layer is scrunched around the whole.

The flower can now be added to your project using a strong glue (eg. several glue dots or Tombow/Crystal Effcets, applied and left to dry).


3d flower with dazzling diamondsFor a more glam flower, run a wet glue around the edges of the petals, dip into Dazzling Diamonds and leave to dry.






Have fun creating your 3d flowers. Please send me a pic of your finished flower, I’d love to see how yours turns out.

Sara xx