How to turn a discount item into something more jazzy

altered pen

I’m still busy trying to get a few more goodies put together for the craft fair that Jan, Joanne and I will be at, this coming weekend. It’s a teeny tiny bit of a rush, coming as it does straight after 2 weekend classes, working away and my Mum’s birthday day out – I just love a challenge 😉

I’m hoping to team some of these jazzed up pens with matching notebooks and I thought I’d share how easy it is to turn an economy pen into something a bit more special. It’s also a great way to use up those left over scraps of DSP that you just can’t bring yourself to throw away

dismantled pen

DSP: Jolly Holiday (117159)
Tools: pencil
Non-SU: Economy line pen

Measure (either by eye or with a ruler) the length of the transparent bit of barrel that you can see and cut your DSP to approximately that length and just a bit wider than needed to wrap around the barrel (so that there’ll be a little overlap. Next, take apart your pen. Tip – make a note of which bits come from where. Ask me how I know this? I had to take a second pen apart just to put the first back together again, lol!

I find it easier to get the DSP into the barrel cleanly if I wrap it around a pencil first, putting a curve into it.

Wrap DSP around a pencil


Then it’s much easier to roll the paper around the pen innards, slide it back into the barrel and finish assembling the leftover parts (hopefully!).

DSP inside pen barrel

Now you can have pens to match all your favourite cards and when you get fed up of one design, you can simply pull out the old DSP and reinsert a new one.

Sara xx

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