Turning a Many Merry Star into a box

star box

The stars in the Many Merry Stars kit are 3D and fully enclosed but they can be converted into a shallow box. Here’s how:

star box 1

Step 1 – Cut the adhesive backed box side into two lengthways.





star box 2

Step 2 – Apply one of the box sides to one of the stars, keeping it so that it is just a teeny smidgeon (technical term 🙂 ) outside the star. This becomes the box lid.



star box 3Step 3 – Place the other box side into the constructed box and join the points where they meet. Remove the backing from the adhesive and apply the other star to create the box base.



star box 4Step 4 – Use the aperture of the star that has been pressed out as a template to trace the lining from DSP.




star box 5Step 5 – Cut out the DSP star and adhere within the box.





Have fun!


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