Getting better results from the Petal Card punch

When I was making the small craft boxes at the weekend, I was reminded that when I first got the Petal Card punch I needed to “relearn” my punching technique to get decent results.

That’s because the Petal Card punch (119273) is a different design – it both punches and embosses in one press – if you get the technique right.

incorrect punching technique

Now usually when I punch I tend to use the heel of my hand and put all the pressure on the edge of the punch.

But … then you end up with this …

incomplete punch


… the shape isn’t fully punched out. It ends up still attached to the card at one edge and…



no embossing detail


… there’s no embossing detail.


correct way of punching



But! If you press evenly over the centre circle of the punch …


embossed petal card


… then you get clean cuts and deeply embossed lines.




Hope that you find this helpful.

Sara xx

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One response to “Getting better results from the Petal Card punch

  1. Thanks so much for the tips on this punch!!!

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