Tutorial – create a double pocket card

Here, at last, is the tutorial for this double pocket card that I shared here.

You will find this project very easy, using both the Simply Scored Scoring Tool (122334) and the Diagonal Score Plate (125586). So that you can make this card without having to have the Metric Scoring Plate (I’d invest in the Diagonal one first ), I’ve started with a sheet of DSP that measures 11-1/2″ x 8-1/4″ (just one end trimmed from an edge of A4 size).

You can also use cardstock to make this but you then have a little more bulk, so I prefer paper.

I recommend folding and unfolding before adhering (as shown below) so that you can be sure that your folds are in the right place.

Step 1 – Using the Simply Scored Scoring Tool on its own (no Diagonal Plate) and with the short end of the paper (right side facing up) across the top, score at 4-1/8″.

(Tip – use the large end of the ball tool to score paper.)

Step 2 – Rotate the paper so that the long edge is across the top and score at 5-3/4″.





Step 3 – Place the Diagonal Score Plate on top of the Scoring Tool (ensuring that the arrow on the back points to the top of the board). With the short end of the paper across the top, score again at 4-1/8″ (this time diagonally).


Step 4 – Rotate the paper a full 180 degrees so that the other short edge is across the top. Score at 5-1/8″. This gives a 1″ gap between your pockets. You can make this gap narrower or larger by scoring nearer or farther from the centre score line.


Step 5 – Flip the paper over to the wring side and fold the corners along the diagonal lines just scored. With the smaller triangle in the upper right corner, cut along the centre scoreline from the top to the vertical centre.


Step 6 – fold the top right quarter down and crease well along the fold line with a bone folder.




Step 7 – Fold the left half over to the right  so that the diagonal folds overlap (I’ve rotated the piece in the pic). Crease well along the fold line with a bone folder.



Step 8 – Fold the left half behind the card so that the double pocket remains at the front. Crease again along the fold line with a bone folder.



Step 9 – Unfold the straight folds again. Apply any chosen edging behind the diagonal folds. Apply your chosen adhesive where you see the red Sticky Strip in the photo. Refold as in steps 6-8 to adhere the pockets in place.


Now, decorate/embellish your card as wished.

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