Tutorial – how to weave a background

I recently shared a couple of cards, each with a weave background. The Halloween card here used the same woven ribbon in both directions. This Christmas card uses two different papers, woven in different directions.

Cut a card base (scrap card will be enough) to the size you want your finished piece. Trim strips of card to fit the size of the card base with an extra 1-2cm (approx. 1/2″) at each end of the strip eg. the Christmas card has a 3-1/2″ square base with seven 1/2″ strips along each side for weaving.

If using paper then SNAIL or Multi-purpose Adhesive will be sufficient to adhere the strips to the back of the card base. If using ribbon then I recommend using Sticky Strip to adhere it.

Step 1 – Apply adhesive along one edge of the card base. Adhere the strips of paper to the card base, right side up and keeping the strips close together. Maintain the pattern of the paper if wished (I didn’t think about this initially and had to remove and re-adhere my strips which is why you can see some minor damage along the edge but it will be hidden later).

Step 2 – Turn the card 90° and apply adhesive along the adjacent edge. Adhere the next set of strips of paper to the card base, also right side up and keeping the strips close together.


Step 3 – Flip the base card over and fold both sets of strips to the front. Start folding one set of strips under and over the other set, alternating the under/over pattern from one row to the next.


Step 4 – Continue weaving the strips over and under until all the strips have been woven in. Fold the ends of all the strips over to the back  of the base card. Butt all the strips up close to one another so that they fit fully onto the base card.

Step 5 – Adhere the folded over ends to the back of the base card.




Step 6 – The woven background is now ready to use.






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