Tutorial – how to create a teeny tiny box

I recently shared a couple of these teeny tiny boxes; a Halloween pumpkin box and this Christmas present box.

They’re simple and straightforward to make as you’ll see from the tutorial below.

Step 1 – Punch four Petal Card Doubles from your chosen colour of cardstock. (Tip – see here for how to get the best results with this punch)




Step 2 – Cut one petal from each piece, just outside the scoreline.

Halloween box – if making an open box then cut two adjacent petals from each piece so that each one looks like a heart.

Step 3 – Adhere each piece to the next, keeping all the petals above and below (or above or below for an open box) and leaving one sticking out at one edge.



Step 4 – Fold the last middle petal into the centre, apply adhesive and fold the other, straight edge over onto it. (Tip – take care not to use too much adhesive or the box will stick to itself!).


Step 5 – Decorate the outside panels if wished, before assembling the box.




Step 6 – Assemble the box, folding the petals into each other in an interlocking design as shown in the photo.

Decorate further as wished.



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2 responses to “Tutorial – how to create a teeny tiny box

  1. Hi Kate

    So glad that it fit the need. You’re always welcome to case and thanks for linking back.

    Sara xx

  2. Hi Sara – this box is super – it’s just what I need for a ring gift box for a friend.
    I have cased it and put it on my blog, with a mention and a link back here to your blog. Hope that this is OK.

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